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Around the Delaware Arc: 101 People, Places, and Lore explores the historically rich and visually arresting landscape of Northern Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania through the sensibilities of seasoned author, Edward Searl

He recently retired, returning to a haunting region that shaped his first two decades and set the course of his life and career. Upon his return, Searl's explorations resulted in abiding appreciation for the layers of the region’s varied attractions and their history. 

Searl’s guide works on three levels: 
  • It is an armchair travelogue, rewarding as a read in its own right. 
  • It is a thorough guide for visitors to the region, encouraging a tourist to delve beneath the surface and experience the spirit of this charmed Space composed of many intriguing Places. 
  • It is a handy and entertaining resource for residents to go deeper and better know their home-place.
Searl’s published works include five quote collections he edited for Skinner House Books, Boston, (2004-2007) as well as a now classic In Memoriam: Modern Funeral and Memorial Services (1993 and 2nd edition 2000). He wrote A Place of Your Own for Berkeley Books, New York (1998).

He recently retired after 30 years as minister of the Unitarian Church of Hinsdale (suburban Chicago)and is that congregation’s Minister Emeritus.

Searl advocates and writes about Natural Religion and the Human Condition. He has long had an interest in the influence of Personal Place and Sacred Space. In this regard, Around the Delaware Arc resulted from vocation and avocation.

Now available as a softcover book from Amazon, it will soon be published in a Kindle edition.